Alexander Twilight Academy develops leaders who will change the world and empowers the next generation of great thinkers, creators, and changemakers to live meaningful lives of passion and purpose. Through rigorous, year-round academic programming, support, advocacy, enrichment, and mentorship, ATA prepares middle school students to earn admission and thrive at the nation's top high schools, colleges, and beyond.

Middle School

The structure of ATA’s middle school programming is challenging, yet engaging and supportive in order to prepare our students to meet and exceed the demands of the nation’s top high schools. Each summer of middle school, students will attend a 6-week Summer Leadership Program. Twice a week throughout middle school, students will also attend rigorous after-school programming while participating in ATA’s mentorship program and receiving supplementary tutoring.

High School and College

Throughout high school and college, ATA supports students through advocacy and guidance counseling, high school and college site visits, tutoring, and small group instruction.  Additionally, ATA supports students in finding summer opportunities and internships that match their personal interests and also provide the training necessary for students to be successful.