ATA’s educational model prepares students to thrive in the classroom and lead lives of passion and purpose. We couple educational best practices with leadership development in an intimate environment that catalyzes maximum growth.
Five Principles

1. Student-centered culture

We believe in the importance of creating a close, tight-knight community, where all students feel seen, celebrated, and known. We believe families are equal partners in their child’s education. It is in this nourishing environment that individuals are able to fulfill their limitless potential.

2. Discussion-based learning

From studying the top schools and educational organizations in the country, we know that the highest quality learning experiences are hands-on, student-centered, and discussion-based. We take these educational best practices that have traditionally served affluent students and make them the norm at a program serving a population with fewer resources.

3. Leadership Development

We firmly believe that the most impactful leaders are people who know who they are and understand how to connect with and inspire others to move in the direction of a common goal. While leadership development is infused into all academic coursework, we also offer LEAD, a class solely focused on building student’s leadership capacities. Our ultimate goal is to help students develop an ability to use their guiding principles and values to view the world through multiple perspectives and become young men and women of the highest character and conviction.

4. P4C

We know that providing the best quality 21st century education means that we need to prepare our students for a future that we cannot even begin to imagine. This can only be done through the cultivation of transferable skills--the P4C--problem solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Having these competencies will enable our students to be agile leaders and life-long learners who thrive in the world of today and create the world of their dreams for tomorrow.

5. Passion Exploration

We believe that in order for students to dream big, they must learn what their dreams can look like. We introduce students to an array of extracurricular passions,  educational pathways, and career opportunities to help them find and pursue their passions in school and in life.