Alexander Twilight Academy student pointing at herself

Our Impact

At ATA, we couple educational best practices with leadership development in an intimate environment that precipitates maximum growth. At ATA, we aim to create a ripple effect such that each student we support serves as a catalyst for change in their community.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

At ATA, we’ve proven that we can close the achievement gap in weeks, not years. If every school in Massachusetts was able to achieve the same growth in a year that ATA did in six weeks, the achievement gap would be closed. In just six weeks of virtual learning, Alexander Twilight Academy Students:

Change in score in English Language Arts
Change in score in Math
On average, ATA students increased their total Math scores to a 91% which is classified as Advanced (90-100%) on the MCAS.
Students had 100% virtual attendance during the 2020-2021 school year.
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