Alexander Twilight Academy students in the classroom

Our Program

ATA admits students in 5th grade and commits to supporting them and their families for 11+ years on their journey to and through the nation’s best high schools and colleges.

ATA Students
ATA Students
Middle School Academy

5th to 8th Grade

The structure of ATA’s middle school programming is engaging, supportive, and challenging in order to prepare our students to meet and exceed the demands of the nation’s top high schools.

High School & College

9th Grade and Beyond

As students enter high school and college, ATA continues to provide students with a range of support to ensure they are able to acclimate, thrive, and grow as leaders in their new school environments.

This is what education is supposed to be — something that transcends the four walls of a classroom, that makes you see the world from a different perspective, that forces you to grapple with life’s unanswerable questions, and that takes hold of your imagination, igniting intellectual curiosity and genuine engagement. This is how we make a difference.

—Annie Weinberg, Founder and Head

ATA Student at the board
Alexander Twilight Academy students working on a project